HTML/CSS/Javascript Snippets

I’ve decided to put up some HTML/CSS/Javascript examples and snippets on to codepen. Maybe these things can help some people out.

At the moment there are only 4 Examples:

  • Hypno5
  • Nyan Cat in HTML & CSS only
  • Some examples on how to create divs with corners
  • An example how to use transparency with rgba
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I’m recently playing again with HTML5 and CSS. Today I present a new fun page Hypno5.
It’s pure CSS, HTML and a bit Javascript and only 50 lines. On every reload a new color sheme gets generated.

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Filtux on Twitter.

filtuxMini Update on Filtux, since the feedback in the comments is rather low, I thought beside the Google+ Community and the email, I give you a fourth option for feedback and complains.
So now you can also tweet to @Filtux on Twitter. Or just follow to show your support. Furthermore, I will post the updates to Filtux in the future on the Filtux Twitter account.

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Filtux beta testing.

filtuxSince developers now can publish beta versions of their app, before releasing it. I thought I give it a try.
If you want to join the latest Filtux beta, just opt-in under:

The latest version will then be downloaded from the Play Store.

In this beta there are three new types of effects:

  • Pointillize
    • device-2013-05-22-210527
  • Glow
    • device-2013-05-22-210938
  • Blur
    • device-2013-05-22-210648

You are also welcome to join the Google+ Filtux Community for Feedback.

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Filtux version 0.80r is out.

filtuxSo after I have Filtux reprogrammed in the last couple of days, as announced.
The new release is out. Beside from the new code base, some more filters haven been added.
Like Tritones, Sharpen, Exposure and Edge, rotate functions are also now included.

Download Filtux at the Play Store

Feedback is desired. 😉

Join the Google+ Community


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Filtux status update.

filtuxSo, here I am as I said re-building Filtux from scratch, I just wanted to give a little status update.
So what’s happened so far. I have the basic system of the app so far completed and optimized, this means many of the bugs should
be a thing of the past. Furthermore, I have started the to implement the old filters / effects so they should work faster and more effectively.
The layout has been a little bit adjusted so far, but I like the basic structure of Filtux, as it is currently, ie buttons that are large enough to press them without tweezers, so I’m comfortable there and will only make a few tweaks and not do it from scratch to make a completely new one.
Also, some new effects have been added, they will be more in the future, but currently it is important to integrate my old ones first.
While it may be that some effects kicked out because to me they are not performing well enough, but we’ll see.

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Filtux rebuild.

filtuxYes I know, the last time I’ve posted about Filtux was not really productive with the feedback. But since Filtux is the app that I have spent most of the time and it’s my personal favorite, and yes, I know it’s buggy, thank you. I decided to build a new version of it and yes from scratch.

Now if you ask why, it’s easy, it’s buggy as f ** k, that’s why. To try to debug would be time-consuming than writing it from scratch. So it’s an easy decision. The main components are already available and works great. The reason why I write this post it is to get some feedback from people using the Filtux. Because I want to know if I should not just make the code of the new app, but also the interface. So if there are things that bother you in the design of Filtux, now your time has come to actively participate in the development. I like the layout of Filtux as it is, but that does not mean that the people who use it just like it.
Therefore, now your chance to provide ideas for the redesign with.Whether all filters from the old version will make it into the new, I can not say for sure, one or the other will probably have to stay on track, however, it will be many new that I can already tell you to that point.Thus, the main points are that interest me:

  • Are there changes to the design that you want
  • Do you like one special filter or you use it often
  • Do you use the camera function available in Filtux

Especially the last point is interesting to me, because I’m thinking about, to only offer this as an option, if at all.

Download the old version.

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Cardfix Version 1.03

icon_72A new Cardfix version is available in the Play Store.

Changes in 1.03:

  • Fixed layout bugs
  • Changed UI
  • Added App2SD option
  • Added images for buttons instead of text
  • Added vibrate function on button clicks
  • fixed image & first start bug

Download at the Google Play Store.


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Cardfix Version 1.02

icon_72A new Cardfix version is available in the Play Store.

Changes in 1.02:

  • Added multiple font options
  • Added font sizes
  • Added custom interface
  • Should now work on tablets

Download at the Google Play Store.



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icon_72Cardfix is a simple business card generator. It creates out of your filled in data, a QR code with a vCard, that can be imported by all devices which can read QR codes. So there is no need to carry around your paper business card, you must simply start Cardfix an your business partner, colleagues or friends can quickly scan your contact information. Simple and effective.

Only the information you provide, are in the QR Code, so if you only have one phone number, or you don’t want some information in there, just don’t fill them in.

Also there is a fallback mode if you need your contact data in a human readable card format.

Download in the Google Play Store.


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