Create a spritesheet quick and easy with imagemagick

I recently played something around with libgdx. And at some point you need to create a spritesheet (or texturemap), where you need many small images converted into one big image. As it turns out, imagemagick saves the day with a simple and quick solution for this job.

montage INPUT.PNG -background none -tile x2 -geometry 128x128+0+0 OUTPUT.PNG

It’s simple as it looks. INPUT.PNG are the names of your input files (for example “myfiles/*.png”). The -tile option control the rows of your new image this means in our case we get an image with two rows. -geometry takes the size of your images. And the name of your output file.
So for example two spritesheets, one with the one row option and one with the two row option:

At last a little example script which I use to convert my images quickly. Hope this helps one or two people out there. šŸ˜‰


#cleanup sheet.png and sheet folder
if [ -e "sheet.png" ];then
	rm sheet.png
rm sheet/*

#create new sheet.png
  cd original
  	  for f in *.png
              #create a left & right version of my images
			  convert "$f" -flop "../sheet/right_$f"
			  cp "$f" "../sheet/left_$f"
  cd ..
  montage sheet/*.png -background none -tile x2 -geometry "$TEXTURE"+0+0 sheet.png

#resize sheet
convert sheet.png -resize 512x128 sheet_rect.png

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