Filtux: I’m slightly surprised

Ok long version, whats the problem.
Filtux is an android photo and filter app which I developed last
year. The problem was, filtuxthere where so many bugs in the different manufacturer software, so that out of frustration I stopped the development for Filtux.
Short example, in Filtux you also have a camera app for taking pictures, which not simple invokes the default android camera app. So I ask the hardware which parameters it could handle. Now on some devices if you set the parameter which the camera told you it could handle, it simply crashes, because it can’t handle these parameters, great.

Don’t get me wrong, the app works great on some devices, but on other it simply sucks. So the app lost more and more installs over the last year, which was totally understandable.
Now in the last days there was a surprisingly increase in the installs and I don’t have any clue why? What I mean with surprisingly, the installs today are far more than the peak as I was actively developing it. What I mean with I don’t have any clue why, you don’t find Filtux so easy in the app store except you search by the name, I mean have you ever tried to find a photo/camera/effect app in the store without knowing its name and which is not on the top 20 pages, have fun. 😉

So short version, if anyone could answer me why they installed Filtux, and what they expect, i would be very happy, if this would be answered in the comments. Even if there are comments how crappy this piece of sh*t Software is, or it slow as f***k on my phone. I hope there are some comments what people have expected when they installed an over a year old, not further developed Software, and of course why? I mean if there is a constructive communication and the app turns out to be useful for more people than I thought, there is a probability for me to start the development again.
So I will open the comments for everybody for some days and delete the spam without the filter. 😉

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