Filtux rebuild.

filtuxYes I know, the last time I’ve posted about Filtux was not really productive with the feedback. But since Filtux is the app that I have spent most of the time and it’s my personal favorite, and yes, I know it’s buggy, thank you. I decided to build a new version of it and yes from scratch.

Now if you ask why, it’s easy, it’s buggy as f ** k, that’s why. To try to debug would be time-consuming than writing it from scratch. So it’s an easy decision. The main components are already available and works great. The reason why I write this post it is to get some feedback from people using the Filtux. Because I want to know if I should not just make the code of the new app, but also the interface. So if there are things that bother you in the design of Filtux, now your time has come to actively participate in the development. I like the layout of Filtux as it is, but that does not mean that the people who use it just like it.
Therefore, now your chance to provide ideas for the redesign with.Whether all filters from the old version will make it into the new, I can not say for sure, one or the other will probably have to stay on track, however, it will be many new that I can already tell you to that point.Thus, the main points are that interest me:

  • Are there changes to the design that you want
  • Do you like one special filter or you use it often
  • Do you use the camera function available in Filtux

Especially the last point is interesting to me, because I’m thinking about, to only offer this as an option, if at all.

Download the old version.

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