Filtux status update.

filtuxSo, here I am as I said re-building Filtux from scratch, I just wanted to give a little status update.
So what’s happened so far. I have the basic system of the app so far completed and optimized, this means many of the bugs should
be a thing of the past. Furthermore, I have started the to implement the old filters / effects so they should work faster and more effectively.
The layout has been a little bit adjusted so far, but I like the basic structure of Filtux, as it is currently, ie buttons that are large enough to press them without tweezers, so I’m comfortable there and will only make a few tweaks and not do it from scratch to make a completely new one.
Also, some new effects have been added, they will be more in the future, but currently it is important to integrate my old ones first.
While it may be that some effects kicked out because to me they are not performing well enough, but we’ll see.

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