Filtux: I’m slightly surprised

Ok long version, whats the problem.
Filtux is an android photo and filter app which I developed last
year. The problem was, filtuxthere where so many bugs in the different manufacturer software, so that out of frustration I stopped the development for Filtux.
Short example, in Filtux you also have a camera app for taking pictures, which not simple invokes the default android camera app. So I ask the hardware which parameters it could handle. Now on some devices if you set the parameter which the camera told you it could handle, it simply crashes, because it can’t handle these parameters, great.

Don’t get me wrong, the app works great on some devices, but on other it simply sucks. So the app lost more and more installs over the last year, which was totally understandable.
Now in the last days there was a surprisingly increase in the installs and I don’t have any clue why? What I mean with surprisingly, the installs today are far more than the peak as I was actively developing it. What I mean with I don’t have any clue why, you don’t find Filtux so easy in the app store except you search by the name, I mean have you ever tried to find a photo/camera/effect app in the store without knowing its name and which is not on the top 20 pages, have fun. 😉

So short version, if anyone could answer me why they installed Filtux, and what they expect, i would be very happy, if this would be answered in the comments. Even if there are comments how crappy this piece of sh*t Software is, or it slow as f***k on my phone. I hope there are some comments what people have expected when they installed an over a year old, not further developed Software, and of course why? I mean if there is a constructive communication and the app turns out to be useful for more people than I thought, there is a probability for me to start the development again.
So I will open the comments for everybody for some days and delete the spam without the filter. 😉

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Check multiple git repositories for uncommitted files…

I recently added a simple shell script to check multiple directories/repositories on your local pc for uncommitted files, to Github. You can also add directories which should be ignored by the search. You will need only three things to run it, git, locate and a linux shell. It’s simple but in my opinion very useful. 😉

So if you are interested check it out. gitTools on github.

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HowTo: Embed subtitles (srt) into a video

The files must have the same name, by example video1.flv &, then copy this script into the folder and let it run. (gist)

for f in *.flv;
        mencoder -utf8 -subfont-text-scale 3 -sub $ $nameis.flv -o $nameis.SUB.flv -oac mp3lame -ovc lavc

If your subtitles are not in the “srt” format you can try an convert them with ffmpeg by example: ffmpeg -i subtitle.rt FFmpeg subtitle formats.

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Create a spritesheet quick and easy with imagemagick

I recently played something around with libgdx. And at some point you need to create a spritesheet (or texturemap), where you need many small images converted into one big image. As it turns out, imagemagick saves the day with a simple and quick solution for this job.

montage INPUT.PNG -background none -tile x2 -geometry 128x128+0+0 OUTPUT.PNG

It’s simple as it looks. INPUT.PNG are the names of your input files (for example “myfiles/*.png”). The -tile option control the rows of your new image this means in our case we get an image with two rows. -geometry takes the size of your images. And the name of your output file.
So for example two spritesheets, one with the one row option and one with the two row option:

At last a little example script which I use to convert my images quickly. Hope this helps one or two people out there. 😉


#cleanup sheet.png and sheet folder
if [ -e "sheet.png" ];then
	rm sheet.png
rm sheet/*

#create new sheet.png
  cd original
  	  for f in *.png
              #create a left & right version of my images
			  convert "$f" -flop "../sheet/right_$f"
			  cp "$f" "../sheet/left_$f"
  cd ..
  montage sheet/*.png -background none -tile x2 -geometry "$TEXTURE"+0+0 sheet.png

#resize sheet
convert sheet.png -resize 512x128 sheet_rect.png

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Filtux 0.65

Download in Android Store


  • fixed vignette banding
  • added camera dissortion
  • added color error
  • added templates
  • under 200k download size

There seems to be a saving problem on some devices, but i’m not sure why, so if someone with a Samsung Galaxy could test this and reply this would be great. Please keep in mind, this is still a development version.

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Android PorterDuffXfermode Examples

Orginal Overlay alpha 125


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Simple video bash converter with ffmpeg

What do you need?

  • linux
  • ffmpeg
  • libx264
    • this is needed if you want to stream your videos, so that the audio streams are readable before the whole file is downloaded

Create a folder new and converted. Move your videos to the folder new and start the bash script below. When a file is converted the video is moved to the converted folder. As i said its a really simple script which should work for the most conversion. The video quality of this conversion is mostly like the original, but the file-size is reduced up to 50%.

#H264, aac, mp4, webusable
	video=" -f mp4 -vcodec libx264 -crf 28 -threads 0 -flags +loop -cmp +chroma -refs 3 -bf 3 -coder 1 -me_method hex -me_range 18 -subq 7 -partitions +parti4x4+parti8x8+partp8x8+partb8x8 -g 320 -keyint_min 25 -level 41 -qmin 10 -qmax 51 -qcomp 0.7 -trellis 1 -sc_threshold 40 -i_qfactor 0.71 "
	sound="  -acodec libfaac -ab 192k "
#start conversion
for f in new/*
		ffmpeg -i "$f" $video $sound -y "$f.mp4"
		python "$f.mp4"
		chmod a+r "$f".mp4
		mv "$f".mp4 converted
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HowTo: Cut a video directly with ffmpeg, without re-encoding

You only need the -ss and -t options. -ss is the starttime and -t the duration, so if you want 10 seconds from a video starting from minute one, you would use this.

ffmpeg -i INFILE.mp4 -vcodec copy -acodec copy -ss 00:01:00.000 -t 00:00:10.000 OUTFILE.mp4

You can use seconds or hh:mm:ss[.xxx] as arguments for the start time and duration, i prefer the second option.
The options -vcodec copy and -acodec copy are used to only cut the video and disable the re-encoding, this really speed things up. 😉

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HowTo: Boost the volume of a video with ffmpeg

You only need the -vol option.

ffmpeg -i INFILE.mp4 -vol 4000 -sameq OUTFILE.mp4
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Filtux 0.63

Download in Android Store


  • simple undo option for effects added
  • auto-save option for camera images added
  • black and white effects added
  • vignette filter added
  • new edge filters added
  • new overlay filters added and optimized
  • app download size reduced (only 175 KB)
  • camera perspective helper
  • optimized camera handling
  • Some memory leaks were fixed
  • a lot of bug-fixing


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